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Padzanij History:

Since 1986, Padzanij has been designing and manufacturing industrial dies, taking its first steps towards its vision through importing technology from India, by establishing its automotive light bulb assembly line and producing electrical components. When bus manufacturing took its first initiative in Iran, Padzanij became one the major key supplier in the market by expanding their fabrication span and equipping the company with a variety of manufacturing sectors, such as; mold making, press shop, welding line, plastic injection, electrostatic paint line, and CNC machining which in return has been able to increase its production speed and supply demand efficiently.

Creativity, fast and precise prototyping, product engineering and technical consulting are key factors of the company’s R&D department, enabling its customers to compete by offering high quality products at all times, attracting global leading companies in seating systems for drivers and passengers, specifically for road and railway industries, such as; Kiel Sitz and Isringhausen, resulting in their investments to establish companies as JW, while Iran was under the restrict embargos of UN and western countries, creating jobs for more than 200 workforces.

Padzanij, now, has more than 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing trimming parts in industries such as; railway, road, marine, commercial and VIP vehicles. In this regard, the company, during the past four years, has invested more than 3 million Euros in upgrading its technology, providing global standards, machinery and making new industrial dies. Offering design and manufacturing the inner trimming parts as a one whole package with global standards is the main advantage of this organization in comparison to other suppliers in the mentioned areas.

Policies and organizational Goals

Padzanij manufacturing and industrial company has gathered a team consist of specialized and experienced staff with modern machines and equipment, resulting in a wide range of high quality products in its related industries.

To achieve the vision and goals, the organization’s quality management policy declares as follow:

  • Increase market share with competitive product type in both domestic and foreign markets.
  • Establishing long-term relationships based on trust and cooperation with all the suppliers.
  • Development of human resources at all stages of recruiting, employing and staff training.
  • Institutionalizing a culture of continuous improvement, Kaizen, in the organization.
  • Improving the long-term relationship with customers by understanding their needs.
  • Trying to meet satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Toward abovementioned policies, the company considered the quality management system according to the ISO standard 9001(2008) and the requirements of customers in order to manage the universal and general quality and put all their efforts in the establishing, operating and maintaining the system with better participation of all staff.


Sheykh Bahai St - Sohrevardi Blv - Alborz Industrial City - Qazvin - Iran

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e-mail : info[at]padzanij.com

Phone IRI : +98 (28) 3222 99 70-2

Phone TUR : +90 (534) 6377554

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